Library2go Downloadable Audiobooks

There are 2 types of audiobooks available to borrow through the Library2go website.

  • OverDrive WMA audiobooks are Windows formatted and can be downloaded to a Windows computer, as well as transferred to Windows formatted devices including iPods.
  • OverDrive MP3 audiobooks offer a wide range of compatibility, including Windows and Mac computers, and most audio devices.

Get started with Library Ebook Borrowing Basics

Finding & Checking Out Audiobooks

The first step is to go to the Library2go collection and logging in by:

  1. Clicking on Account
  2. Entering the name of your library (West Vancouver Memorial Library)
  3. Entering in your Library Card Number and PIN
  4. Clicking on Sign In

You can now see all of the books that are available to you at your library.

Finding Audiobooks

Sometimes it is hard to find an audiobook that is available to check out. There are two methods to find good books, browsing and searching.

Browse for Available Audiobooks Using the Menu

Choose a type of Audiobook, such as All Fiction, or Biography & Autobiography

Find available books by either clicking on the Available Now button at the top of the page, or by finding titles with a book icon in the top right corner of their covers.

visual illustration of audiobook availbility through library to go. Available audiobooks have a dark icon in right corner, unavailable audiobooks have a faded icon.

Using Advanced Search

To Search for specific audiobooks that are available for checkout:

  1. Go to the Library2go collection.
  2. Click on Advanced Search.
  3. Choose your format (MP3 or WMA) and any other information that you may want to add (title, subject, awards).
  4. Click on the button that says "Available Now"
  5. Click Search.

Check Out Audiobooks

library audiobook available to borrow

  1. When you find a book, click on the cover
  2. Click on Borrow
  3. If you are not already logged in, you will need to enter in your Library name and Barcode
  4. You can now download the audiobook and listen to it!

Download Audiobooks onto Your Computer

  • To download audiobooks onto your computer you will first need to download the Overdrive Media Console.
  • Then, from your Overdrive bookshelf click on Download

(If offered a choice, choose "MP3 Audiobook and then click on "Confirm and Download")

  • Choose to open the file with Overdrive Media Console
  • Click "Okay" or "yes" to any pop-ups that occur so that all parts of the audiobook download.

Listen to Audiobooks in Your Browser

You can listen to your audiobook without downloading any special software on your computer.

Learn more with this article: How to use OverDrive Listen

Note: Using OverDrive Listen can consume a lot of data, so if you're on a mobile plan with a data cap, we recommend using a Wi-Fi connection when streaming on your mobile device to avoid data overages.

Transfer Audiobooks to an iPod or MP3 Player

  1. Open Overdrive Media Console
  2. Click once on the Audiobook you would like to transfer
  3. Click on the "Transfer" button
  4. When the Transfer Wizard opens, connect your device to the computer and follow the steps on the screen.

image of audiobook in overdrive media console

Note: If you see the below message, follow the steps outlined here.

image of ipod transfer error

Using an iPhone, Smartphone, Tablet

If you have a mobile device that you would like to use to listen to audiobooks visit our Overdrive App page for instructions.