Climate For Change


Art continues to provide colour, texture and emotion to our ever-changing landscape. In recent years, "climate change art" has emerged as a way to raise awareness and a call to action. However, these works of art and their provoking imagery often leave viewers feeling anxious and isolated.

Some artists are choosing a different narrative, one that focuses on the beauty of nature as the first step towards its preservation and restoration. This exhibition of artists from across the North Shore and Squamish invites reflection on both the fragility and strength of our natural surroundings. From depictions of spawning salmon in the Capilano watershed to the trails of the Garibaldi mountain range, art that expresses our connection to the environment may be the best way to incite its continued stewardship.

Friday, January 17, Art Gallery

For more information, visit or call the Information Desk at 604.925.7403.

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