About the Foundation


Director Appointed Position
Andreas Thompson  2016 Chair
Cynthia Garton*  2015 Vice-Chair
Christine Banham   2014 Treasurer
Rosemary Murchison  2018 Secretary (& Privacy Officer)
Terry Hodgins  2018  Director
Linda Jones  2015  Director
Dr. Lorinda Spooner  2018  Director
Leigh Taylor  2018  Director
May Wang  2018  Director
Eric Winsborrow  2015  Director
Felicia Zhu*  2015  Director
*WVML Board Trustee    


A dedicated and hardworking volunteer Board of Directors govern the Foundation. Directors are elected at the Annual General Meeting by the Foundation Members (West Vancouver Memorial Library Board Trustees with the exception of the West Vancouver Municipal Council representative), for a term of two years. Similarly, the Members appoint the Chair of the Foundation. The other Officers of the Foundation are appointed from the Directors by the Foundation itself.

The two primary responsibilities of the Directors are fundraising and stewardship of the Foundation’s assets. The Foundation operates in close cooperation with the Library staff and Library Board. 

2000 – 2017 Distributions to the Library

2000 – 2017 Net Revenue from Operations 

WVML Foundation Welcomes Applications

WVML Foundation is accepting appplications for positions on its Board of Directors. If you are passionate about your Library, we want to hear from you. Application forms, available at the Library and on-line, must be received via post, email or at the WVML Foundation Office by: Thursday, February 28, 2019, 5 p.m.


Application Form 

Foundation BOARD meeting

Business of the Foundation is conducted at regular board meetings and members of the public are welcome to attend Foundation Board meetings, see meeting dates below.

Note: for privacy reasons there may be information available to Directors that cannot be disclosed to the public.

2018 Meeting Dates

Meetings are usually held on the fourth Thursday of every month with the exception of July and December (no meetings).  Please call the Foundation office at 604-925-7425 to confirm dates and times. Meeting times may be changed at the discretion of the Foundation Board Chair.

October 25, 2018, McDonald Creek Meeting Room.

November 22, 2018, Welsh Hall.

Agendas and Minutes

Meeting agendas, previous minutes and meeting venue are posted at least 48 hours in advance of meetings.  Earlier minutes may be obtained on request to the Secretary.

September 27, 2018 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Ocbober 25, 2018 Board of Directors Meeting Agenda

November 22, 2018 Board of Directors Meeting Agenda